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The 25th Anniversary Collection

Join our 25th Anniversary celebration by treating yourself with one of our cool Anniversary Collection goodies! Oh, and don’t forget to attend our online party, November 28th, held on Facebook – a lot of fun in the works – a big T-shirt giveaway and new content you won’t see anywhere else!

Ruokangas Vintage Collection

As a proud Ruokangas owner or a serious enthusiast, why not to treat yourself with a vintage style Ruokangas T-shirt dating back all the way to the nostalgic 1990’s? Or how about a tote bag to carry your groceries in style!

Announcement: Weekly Wednesday Live!

We want to invite you to watch Juha Ruokangas’ Weekly Wednesday Live Q&A broadcast – not the ordinary content marketing channel, but instead pieces of advice and true stories to all those who enjoy guitars – be it guitarists, guitar enthusiasts or collectors alike! Here is one example of Juha’s many published Weekly Wednesday episodes – enjoy!

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