Express your passion for guitars in style


Most of our instruments are made as custom orders. Occasionally we make a guitar for an exhibition, photography or video shoot – and we can offer these new instruments to you without a long waiting list. Typically these guitars or basses come with prestige features and upgrades selected for presentational purposes. If you’re looking for a great instrument and need it fast, have a look. Maybe your dream guitar is already here waiting for you.

Ruokangas Vintage Collection

As a proud Ruokangas owner or a serious enthusiast, why not to treat yourself with a vintage style Ruokangas T-shirt dating back all the way to the nostalgic 1990’s? Or how about a tote bag to carry your groceries in style!

Announcement: Weekly Wednesday Live!

We want to invite you to watch Juha Ruokangas’ Weekly Wednesday Live Q&A broadcast – not the ordinary content marketing channel, but instead pieces of advice and true stories to all those who enjoy guitars – be it guitarists, guitar enthusiasts or collectors alike! Here is one example of Juha’s many published Weekly Wednesday episodes – enjoy!

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